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Response to Attacks from Aubrey Mayor Janet Meyers

The following rant was posted on a community information website in Aubrey, TX by the Aubrey Mayor and/or her husband. I believe that the rant is actually the Mayor Janet Meyers, who is using her husband's profile to make these comments. The comments were removed after several complaints from Aubrey citizens of violations of the policies for this community site. There has been increasing tension among the Aubrey city council and Mayor Meyers.  Unfortunately, she simply does not have the leadership or interpersonal skills to bring the council or community together, but rather continues to divide it.  Although, I do not respond to everything written about me, I will take a few minutes to respond to the mayor's comments. A couple of these are nothing more than a regurgitation of old lies, but I will provide input nonetheless. 

Although this clearly states that it is Lyndon Meyers, it is my opinion that this is actually Janet Meyers using Lyndon's name for these attacks.  Most of the people in this community feel the same way, that she’s using her husband’s profile to avoid any potential backlash from the community.  She is the only one who believes she’s fooling anyone.  The original post by the mayor is in bold, my comments follow the original posts. 

Councilman Calvin Tillman MIA
LYNDON MEYERS from Quail Run · 8h ago
Well folks, Aubrey's Councilman Calvin Tillman is up to his old shenanigans again.

This week, he was a no show at the City Council meeting; didn't even notify anyone. There might be good reasons for this; like being in jail or the hospital. Maybe a family member was in the hospital; but he still could have notified someone. You can hear it hear in the 1st 35 seconds:

Is this someone you want leading your city?

I am a bit surprised that Janet would worry so much about my whereabouts or well-being. Under Texas Law, a member of city council may be removed by the body if they miss "three" consecutive regularly scheduled meetings. I missed one consecutive regularly scheduled meeting. There is nothing in the statute that requires a city councilman to notify the mayor or staff if they are going to miss a meeting. In the past as a courtesy, I have notified staff if I was going to be unable to attend a meeting. However, some in the community were concerned that items showed up on the agenda whenever it was known that I would not be in attendance to intentionally avoid my input. Therefore, in this case, I did not feel it necessary to provide this information. Frankly, I am surprised she wasn't hoping for me to miss more meetings. 

As most everyone knows, my position on council is an unpaid position and I am not independently wealthy, so therefore I have to maintain a professional career. Therefore, when there are conflicts with the two schedules the paying job has to have priority. Fortunately, my paying job has nothing to do with my elected position, so I cannot or will not benefit personally from my position on council. Another good thing about this is I do not have any conflicts of interest that could sway decisions that I make on council. None of the decisions that I make on council will affect my pocket book in any manner. Unfortunately, mayor Janet Meyers cannot say the same. She does not maintain a professional career, and she does have several conflicts of interests with her position as mayor. 

Mayor Meyers has several financial interests in property in Aubrey which was left to her by her family, who was partners in some Aubrey developments. That in itself is really not that big of a deal. Unfortunately, I have yet to find someone who can stick to their convictions when they benefit from the outcome. Therefore, I do believe that Janet's service on council has helped her financially. A recent example of this was when she attempted to force a competing developer to donate a 100 foot right of way to the city and put in apartments or multi-family units as opposed to the single family homes that they were previously approved to build. This was adamantly opposed by the community, but Janet pushed it nonetheless. After working on this for almost a year, the zoning change was scrapped, and the harmed developers went back to their previous plan of single family homes.  Mayor Meyers and city have been nothing but an obstacle to any potential development in and around Aubrey.  City staff tries to shake down every developer, other than her of course, that shows up at city hall.  You can’t just come in a get a permit like the process says, everything turns into let’s make a deal.  I think this type of government was what the founding fathers were running from.  

As it turns out Janet has a financial interest in property in this same development, and she is preparing to start developing this land, so it certainly appears as though she used her position to help her financially. She has also asked for relief from some of the fees that she's imposed on others. She expect other developers to follow city rules, but when it comes to property that she has a financial interest in. Janet does not believe she should have to play by the same rules that her competition does. She also uses the standing government as a tool for her prosperity, again, not exactly what the founding fathers had envisioned, but it happens too often nonetheless. 

It is not surprising that Janet’s time as mayor has resulted in failed policies and chaos. She did not build a successful business, it was left to her by her family. She does not have a professional career now, other than what was left to her.  It certainly appears that she has been handed everything her entire life and has never had to work to support herself, so she is unfamiliar with needing to make tough decisions, or probably any decisions at all for that matter. Therefore, as mayor her lack of leadership abilities and decision making is becoming more and more apparent. She also lacks the ability to anticipate the future, she is way behind what the people of Aubrey want or need. I am not sure that I have ever seen a small town mayor so disconnected from the people she is supposed to represent.  Unfortunately, she does not recognize this weakness, and therefore does not readily accept input from others, and attacks others on council for trying to do what's best for the community.  A close friend provided me a quote, which I think is applicable to Janet’s style of leading -“Leadership is disappointing your constituents in increments they can absorb.”  Marty Linsky, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Calvin Tillman has time to lie and make accusations about me and my wife (the mayor of Aubrey) on his facebook page, but he doesn't have time to show up and do his job on the city council??

I am unsure of what "lie" Janet is referring to here. I did write a blog post related to some of the statements listed below, but I did not specifically mention Janet on Facebook. 

I assume she is talking about this article:

1. One lie Calvin Tillman stated is:

"Mayor Janet Meyers attempted to force her way into the meeting".

He was referring to an ETJ meeting invite that we received in our mailbox; just like most everyone reading post. She was turned away at the door; there was no "forcing". Is this someone you want leading your city?

I spoke about this incident previously, when Janet showed up at a meeting with the members of the Aubrey ETJ and was asked to leave. This rejection comes after she illegally imposed the Subdivision Ordinance, which she doesn't feel she needs to comply with, on the ETJ members. They were upset enough that they did not wish for her to be present during this meeting. Janet did nothing to ease this situation, and after she was asked to leave, she took it upon herself to give the folks from the ETJ a public flogging on a local news sharing site and crying to my neighbors. So if she wasn't thrown out of the meeting, she was doing some serious overreacting. 

After posting this on the website, there were several complaints lodged against her, and the posting was quickly removed. So not only has she been banished from the ETJ meetings, she has been banished from a community website in the town she presides over, she is proving to be an epic failure as mayor.

2. Calvin Tillman told the audience in that same ETJ meeting that he doesn't have time to read documents prior to voting on them in city council meetings. Is this someone you want leading your city?

This is completely false, I would never vote on something of any significance if I had not had a chance to read and understand it. However, Councilmember Deborah Goin has made a statement that she does not have time to read her meeting package prior to the meetings. This would not be the first time Janet got her wires got crossed, as a matter of fact, they might be permanently crossed.  Janet was not in attendance at the ETJ meeting, as previously mentioned she was asked to leave, so she has no idea what was said at the meeting. What I did say was that I would not vote for something that I did not have time to read. I said this because it would appear that on certain occasions we are given something at the meeting, that we have not had time to review, and unless it is something trivial, I will not vote for, and if I did vote, it would only be after a long discussion.  Of course I believe that we are given something cold by Janet and staff intentionally, hoping that we'll pass it without wanting to read it or ask questions. One example of this was that Janet tried to get a development agreement passed for the property she has an interest in without providing me a copy of the agreement. I asked for this to be tabled until I could get a copy of this. As a matter of fact this has been one of my biggest complaints on this council.  We as elected officials need to be able to read and understand what we’re voting for, and unfortunately we can’t simply trust the mayor or staff, as it is becoming more and more apparent that they are showing lack candor and provide misinformation to the public.  I am reminded of the time when a reporter asked Ron Paul why he voted “no” on so many bills, his response was “I read them”.    

3. Calvin Tillman is seen here running from the press when asked about hiring Alisa Rich; who stated under oath that she made fraudulent claims:

Is this someone you want leading your city?

As with most things, Janet is in over her head and way behind the power curve. This was a hit piece by Phelim McAleer, who is a paid liar by the oil and gas industry, and was done several years ago. 

Here’s another more recent posting of the fraudulent ways of Phelim McAleer-

Since McAleer’s video has been released, the frivolous lawsuit filed on Alisa Rich by Range Resources was thrown out under the Texas law that prevents Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. Which are lawsuits ant to silence critics.  You can read about SLAPP strategy here:

This fraudulent lawsuit was the basis of the Phelim's attack on me and also the primary basis for his entire film Fracknation, which is now proven to be completely false and inaccurate. When this lawsuit was thrown out, his whole movie was invalidated, he has not apologized to Alisa for his slanderous comments. 

So the basis of the entire film has proven to be a fraud as Phelim McAleer is. I also challenged Phelim to a debate, which after public pressure he accepted. After resounding victory over Phelim in this debate, even those in the oil and gas industry concede my victory, he has been in hiding from me.

So as usual, Janet has no idea what she is talking about, she just regurgitates a lie from a few years ago. Fortunately, there's nothing in my past that I am afraid of, and if this is the best they can come up with, I have to feel pretty good about my life.  This does however show an intense weakness with Janet.  She has some serious disorder to act in the manner she does, and if she’s not on medication, she definitely needs to be, or a minimum seeing a professional therapist.   

4. Calvin Tillman wanted to sell our water to Mustang SUD; against most citizen's wishes. Is this someone you want leading your city?

Selling was one of the options that was presented, which in hindsight some of these options looks pretty good. We took out a 5.5 million dollar bond to provide water to an area that we now know, we'll never have the right to serve water to. During the discussion on the 5.5 million dollar water bond, everything that I stated has proving to be accurate.  I've already address this, you can read about this here:

Additionally, I sent the following out to Aubrey Citizens regarding the Mustang Water issue – Again Janet attempted to attack myself and other council members on the next door community website.

There has been much discussion on local neighborhood website regarding a recent vote on revising a development agreement with the Lakes of Regatta developer, which is located off of FM 2931.  A couple of years ago, the City of Aubrey forced this same developer to decertify another development from Mustang Water, so that Aubrey could provide water and sewer services.  In response to that and to help protect its current investments, Mustang took on Federal debt, which ultimately stops future decertification of its system.  In order to decertify Mustang, the developer could be responsible for millions of dollars of legal fees, as well as being tied up in Federal Court for many years.  The original Regatta development agreement had Aubrey providing sewer and water for this development, but under the new circumstances, that simply was not going to happen.  Therefore, your city council voted to 4-1 to allow the developer out of that section of the development agreement.  The Aubrey mayor and city staff was suggesting that we force this developer into a lawsuit that they could not win, fortunately common sense prevailed.  It would be fundamentally unfair for the local government to hold a developer hostage over something they could do nothing about.

This scenario will have future impacts on the city.  Aubrey has taken out 5.5 million dollars of loans to build a new water tower primarily for the Regatta development.  I knew that Mustang was taking out this debt, and that Aubrey would not be providing water service to this development.  I suggested to the rest of council that at a minimum, we do something smaller.  However, the majority of council at the time did not feel the same way, and ridiculed me for making this suggestion.  This additional debt will cause your water bill to go up at least 20% over the next five years.  Any increase in your taxes will be a result of the city foolishly building this water tower, not the vote on the development agreement.  While I enjoy history proving that I was right, this is not good for the City of Aubrey.

5. Calvin Tillman has and is posting negative things; trying to smear 2 other council members. Now, he has decided to try and smear me and Janet. In my opinion, the likes of Calvin Tillman is the reason nobody good wants to run for office. Who wants to put up with people like him?

While trying to smear someone, may be a bit strong, knowing the truth about your elected officials is important.

I have often said that “if you quit spreading lies about me, I'll quit spread the truth about you”. 

The fact of the matter is that Janet has no clue what she's doing, and anytime others have provided reasonable advise, they have been belittled and ridiculed, so she obviously will not be confused with facts. Pretty much everything that I have suggested has proven to be right. However, she is too proud or too dumb to take sound advice.  When your voice is silenced in a position that you were elected to, you unfortunately left with few options, and writing about what is going on is one of my options. Guess some don't like reading about themselves. 

I will say that I must thank Janet for the publicity she gave to my website. The day she was thrown off of for posting this nonsense, the traffic on my site quadrupled. While she probably had a few that we sympathetic to her cause, the rest got to read what she was really all about, and what she was really doing to our town. 

I think this entire rant shows the character or lack thereof for our mayor and/or her husband.  In almost two years on council there has not been any new development approved as a result of the action of Mayor Meyers or Aubrey city staff.  For crying out loud, Aubrey citizens can’t even get a straight answer on anything, and everything has to turn into a major deal.  When people call me with complaints, I suggest that they request that it goes straight to council.  We may not be the cohesive team on council, but all of us have some level of sympathy with our citizens and or developers.  People should not have to go to city council to get something done, staff should be able to handle these minor issues.    

One reason that I suspect this is Janet and not her husband, is that this sounds like her writing.  For instance, she keeps repeating the phrase “is this someone who you want running your city?”.  This is the same as other writings by her.  I am not exactly where she’s going with this statement.  Pretty sure if most of the people in this community knew what she was doing, or not doing, they wouldn’t want her running anything.  She did not have an opponent for any of her elections.  So nobody really knows who she is or what she’s made of.  If there was an election, where she had to interact with the people, they’d realize quickly what an idiot she is.  Whoever follows her as mayor, is going to have a big mess to clean up.  Strangely enough, there are a growing number of people who are encouraging me to run against her as mayor.  As I said, whoever follows her as mayor, will have a big mess to clean up, including doing a little house cleaning at city hall.  However, I am not sure that I have the desire to clean up the mess that Janet is making.  

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Phelim McAleer the Perpetual Victim

For some odd reason my old nemesis Phelim McAleer has put me on his mass email list. Therefore, all of the propaganda sent out by McAleer and his gang comes directly to me. This is a small price to pay for giving him a Texas butt whippin in a debate a couple of years ago. He actually stalked me for a while, however, for the most part he has avoided and doesn't respond to me in any way since the debate. I saw something recently out of Phelim that humored me. He was claiming to have been under assault and held against his will at the Standing Rock protest in North Dakota. He goes on and on about how he feared for his life and how brave his film crew was. However, the actual video he used as an example shows nothing of the sort. He was asked to leave, but was never threatened or assaulted.  Playing the victim is nothing new for Phelim, he has that role down. Here's a link to the video where he "feared for his life", you can make up your own mind as to how much risk he was in-

The folks from Standing Rock responded to his allegations here-

Keep in mind that those in the camp have been shot at with rubber bullets, tear gas, water cannons and concussion grenades – poor Phelim.

Although, he put me in his film Fracknation, he did this without ever speaking to me, this of course was intentional. Therefore, the first time we actually met was in New York for the premier of Gasland 2. Well, met may be a little bit of a stretch. I did actually introduce myself to him, but he did not want to talk to me, our main interactions was when him and his hideous wife were screaming obscenities and me and my family while we getting our photos taken on the red carpet. He made such an ass of himself that didn't even make into see the premier. After the premier we had to be escorted by security to keep him and his henchmen from attacking us. Finally, after another Gasland 2 showing, he was chasing us down and pushing and shoving several of the people with us until someone asked us him to leave, he bumped into us again and then called the cops on himself. Hmmm, that sounds like what happened at Standing Rock.

I wrote about some of my interactions with Phelim here-

I spoke on video about some of my interactions with Phelim here-

What happened at Standing Rock was nothing new for Phelim, he has and always will be looking for an angle to play the victim.  Personally I think he has some undiagnosed mental issues, and probably needs medication or therapy.  However, his ego is way too big to admit that he’s nuts.  I was surprised to learn that he is only a few years older than me.  When you see him in person, he looks like death warmed over.  They threw a little makeup on him for the debate and frankly it looked like the work of a mortician. 

Just remember the next time that Phelim is feeling victimized for his great work, that he’s nuts and needs help, but in no way is he a victim.