Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Special Thanks to the Honorable Chris Huber, Aubrey City Council Place 2

On May 17, 2016 Chris Huber will officially leave his seat on the Aubrey City Council Place 2.  He is leaving this seat after serving only one term as a city councilman.  He is leaving by his choice, as he did not seek reelection for this seat.  After talking to Chris about his service, I can understand his reluctance to seek reelection.

In the past, I have met politicians and elected officials of all shapes and sizes, from small town local officials to candidates for President of the United States; however, there are very few that I would call “honorable”.  After knowing Chris for only a couple of years, you can definitely call him honorable and it was honor serving with him.  This is not something I’m saying because he always agreed or voted with me, because he did not. 

Chris is not your typical politician, for one thing he’s honest and has integrity, and you just find too many politicians that have those traits anymore.  He also does not have a personal agenda, and his service has not personally benefited him, another rarity with local officials.  One of the greatest attributes that Chris has, is that he has a set of principles, which again uncommon in politics.  Even if we disagree on a subject, I respect those who have a set of moral and ethical principles, because most politicians do not.    

Outside of politics Chris is hard working family man, with a wonderful wife and children.  He helps coach his sons’ football team on top of serving on city council and working a full time job.  With all of this going on Chris is always kind and considerate of others.  Chris is obviously a wonderful father and husband.  He brought real life experience to the local government, and treated the city assets as if they were his own. 

Chris’s time on council has not always been rosy, he has had to deal with some sensitive and controversial issues, and he has always been professional and respectful.  He has had to endure a culture of bullying with threats and intimidation from other members of the city council, but has taken things in stride and held his head high with dignity, and most importantly he’s always had a smile on his face.  I endorsed him when he ran for office two years ago, and am glad to know the Honorable Chris Huber and his family.  He deserves nothing but respect and admiration as he rides off into the sunset.  Good luck my friend, you will be missed.  


  1. Chris Huber is the real deal, he will be missed.

  2. Chris Huber is a man of principles and dignity. He has always conducted himself with regard toward fellow man. Aubrey was blessed to have Chris as a leader typifying proper behavior, becoming of a City official.

    Seeing the recent bullying and character assignation for those who dare challenge a seat on the Aubrey Council, I can only imagine how tough it may be for a councilman to vote from conviction in cases that may be contrary to the popular opinion. It has become clear why there are never any challengers to the Aubrey incumbents. Sadly, the citizens are being deprived of well-balanced representation, which comes from differing perspectives evaluating the issues before decision-making.

  3. Thanks for recognizing this brave and courageous man.

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