Monday, April 27, 2015

Don’t Forget to Vote

Don’t Forget to Vote

Early Voting Has Started:

Monday - Saturday - April 27–May 2, 8am – 5pm

Monday – Tuesday - May 4–5, 7am-7pm

Local Early Voting Location:
Steven E Copeland Government Center - 1400 FM 424, Cross Roads, TX

For more information on early voting locations go to

Election Day is May 9, 2015 and the Aubrey election will be held at the:
 Aubrey Library/Community Center –
226 Countryside Dr., Aubrey, TX

It is imperative that we get out the vote, please make every effort to take a few minutes and vote. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Respect for Police Officers

Although I have been critical of Police Departments in the past, I want to make sure that it is understood that this criticism was directed specifically at the Northeast Police Department of Krugerville and Crossroads, TX, not police in general.  The real intent of the criticism was not even directed at the police department or officers, but rather the elected officials that formed this department, which they report to.  The elected officials are the ones who encourage the predatory activities they participate in.   

I have the utmost respect for our police that serve and protect us across the nation every day.  I do believe that police officers should be held accountable for crimes they commit, but we should not let a few bad apples taint our opinion of police officers as a whole.  For the most part officers serve and protect us, risking their lives for far too little compensation.  

Already in Texas, there has been almost 300 deaths in traffic accidents in 2015.  We all have been subject to idiot drivers, which obviously has something more important to be doing that the rest of us.  They drive recklessly and put the rest of us in danger.  These drivers are the reason we need laws, police, and air bags for that matter.  Therefore it is clear that traffic laws are in place for a reason, and they must be enforced.

I particularly respect our hometown police force here in Aubrey, TX.  From my home office, I can see them drive through our neighborhood a couple of times a day checking things over in my neighborhood.  We have a very low crime rate and our local officers are the reason for that.  Beyond that, from my exposure to the Aubrey Police, they are generally nice and courteous people, who care about the community that they work in.  This is not just business for the Aubrey Police Department.  What you don't see here, is them operating a predatory speed trap or some other "gotcha" practices.  I am sure the Aubrey Police do bring in some revenue for the city, but am also certain that revenue is not their main purpose or intent. 

They Aubrey Police Department is what you want for your hometown police department, and I thank them for their service.