Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Million Dollar Swing

Aubrey has adopted some very expensive impact fees for developers.  For the last year, the council and area residents have been pushing for reform to these fees.  However, we were unable to get an action item on the agenda to make these crucial changes. 

For commercial property, the impact fees can cost as much as the land itself.  However, our mayor who owns a large track of land in The Meadows Subdivision, has exempted herself from these fees.  The fee structure is confusing to say the least, but at a minimum, this will amount to several hundred thousand dollars in fees that were waived for her. 

If that were the end of it, that would be bad enough.  However, a month prior to exempting herself from these fees, the city had to spend just under $250,000.00 on a drainage project for the same property she had exempted from these fees.   

The mayor has also delayed any attempt to reform these fees and it is becoming more and more apparent why.  She has listed her property for sale and one of the selling points is “impact fees waived”.  Therefore, the longer the impact fees remain unreasonably high, the more valuable her property is with them waived.     

These fees are meant to help with improvements to infrastructure which is definitely needed here.  If you happen to live or drive on Highmeadow Road, you will be particularly impacted by all of this, as this will be the road used for all of the construction vehicles for this additional development.  This road already shows signs of wear, and certainly will not stand to the abuse of cement trucks and construction vehicles. Unfortunately, there is no money to pay for the repairs when the road is destroyed. 

When you consider all of this, you the Aubrey taxpayer, will be on the hook to pay at least a million dollars that your mayor will directly benefit from.  If you wonder why your property taxes keep going up, now you know. 


  1. Sounds like someone should be in jail....

  2. If the authorities ever came in and gave this a good look, that might be the result, unfortunately crooked small town politicians, really aren't on anyone's radar, so doubt they will look.