Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Controlling the Media

There has been a recent disturbing trend of journalists being prosecuted for performing journalism.  These most recent arrest of journalist happened during pipeline protests in North Dakota.  Two journalist covering two separate protests were arrested and charged with very serious crimes.  Whether you agree with the protests or not, the arresting of journalists for doing journalism is a very scary prospect, that none of us should support.

This is something you would expect to hear about in countries ruled by a dictator, not America. Manipulating the media message is nothing new. When Hitler assumed power in Germany, one of the first things that he did was to take control of the media.  When you hang a threat of a felony conviction with potentially 45 years in prison for doing journalism, that is meant to send a message.  If you report something that we don't like, then we'll ruin your life, and perhaps put you in prison.  One of requirements for a free society is to have freedom of the press.  Even if you don't agree with what's being reported, you'll lose your freedoms when we take away what free press we have left.

Fortunately, one of the journalists has been cleared of any wrong doing; however, journalist Deia Schlosberg is still being charged for felony crimes.   She is a very close friend of a very close friend, and I for one stand with her in this battle to preserve the Constitution and freedom of the press.