Saturday, August 13, 2016

Update on Jeff Perry, Mayor Pro Tem Aubrey, TX

For the last several months, I have noticed that Jeff Perry frequently visits my blog while he is supposed to be performing his duties as a Collin County Juvenile Probation Officer in McKinney, TX. This has happened so much that I labeled the IP address from Jeff’s work to easily identify when he visited this site. This was prior to the latest blogpost I published concerning Jeff's behavior. Perhaps, I should be glad to have adoring fans that would rather read my blog that do their work.  However, surfing the internet is not what he’s being paid to do. 

After the latest blogpost, Jeff was visiting my site several times a day while he was at work. However, it appears that he was saving items to a desktop folder, affectionately labeled "tillmancrap". This actually gave me quite a chuckle. However, it also disappoints me that he is doing all of this, when he is supposed to be helping children. When he is getting paid and using equipment owned by the taxpayers of Collin County. 

I am doubtful that Jeff understands that when he performs functions related to his position as an Aubrey City Councilman, it doesn't matter what computer he is using, it now becomes a matter of public record, and thus subject to the Public Information Act. So whether he is using a personal device or his work computer, or something provided by the city, it is all subject to the Public Information Act if it pertains to city business. 

It shocks me that there is such a lack of transparency in government, but local government especially.  People want to get the prestige and benefits or serving in a public position, but want nothing to do with the accountability side of the equation.  Some do not understand that being in a “public position” means that you work for the public, whether you get paid or not.  Unfortunately, on many occasions they win these battles because of the difficulty of fighting, or they don’t fully understand the process. So for example, a city will deny providing public information, and even if the public has a right to the information, but you may have to file an expensive lawsuit to get it.  However, in cases like Jeff’s, where I have clear evidence that the documents exist, he would have to provide it if I pushed the matter.  If he failed to provide public records or destroyed records that we could prove existed, we might get a fresh mugshot of him.  Not sure what Jeff’s boss might do if the Attorney General’s office gave them a call wanting this information.  Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, I suspect that Jeff is ignorant to all of this. 

When I was in DISH, every email I sent was requested through public information requests. I did not fight this, and I figured it was the public’s right to have this information.  Some of the messages that I provided through these public information requests was used against me, but oh well, I signed up for it.  It got to a point that every email I sent, I went ahead and printed and added to pile for the next request.  I gave up everything, probably things I didn’t have to, but no one can say that I was not transparent.  I certainly would never jeopardize my employer by doing city business on a work computer.  However, some don’t see it that way, they would prefer to live like roaches in secrecy. 

Another aspect of challenging big oil and gas, is that everything about my life was made public.  They hired people to do extensive research on me.  You can now find anything you want about me with a simple google search.  However, I am somewhat boring, I pay my bills, never been arrested, and am faithful to my wife; so there’s not much dirt there.  I have made mistakes, and I hope that I’ve owned them and learned from them.  So for the most part, anything that one might criticize me for, I will accept responsibility for it or be proud of the stand that I took. 

Based and the fact that Jeff was spending a significant amount of time on my blog and saving files pertaining to me on his work computer, I felt that this should be addressed with his employer, which also happens to be a public entity, and also subject to some of the provisions of the Public Information Act, although most of the information Jeff would deal with are court records.  A file pertaining to me on Jeff’s work computer is absolutely not a court record, and I’m certain a judge would confirm this if needed.    Therefore, I sent a letter along with evidence that Jeff was in fact storing information pertaining to me on his work computer.

You can see what I sent here: 

I am really not interested in putting Jeff’s supervisors through a messy situation.  However, I will be speaking with my attorney on this matter to see which direction would be the easiest resolution for everyone involved.

You might be thinking, that I am being kind of hard on Jeff, and that is exactly he’d like for you to think.  He does play a good victim, but I would encourage you to not jump to conclusions.  First of all, Jeff is a public official and I assure you that he is not the person you think he is.  As harsh as I have been in this matter, I have done nothing to Jeff that he has not done to others and he knows this.  It is fine when Jeff does these things to others, but it crosses the line when it is done to him; he dishes it out, but can’t take it.  I am sure he will continue to deny these things, but nothing I have said is false.  If it is, please notify me and I will remove anything proven to be false.  Jeff must remember he is a public officials and whether he likes it or not, people have a right to know who he really is.  

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