Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Another Update on Jeff Perry, Mayor Pro Tem, Aubrey TX

As I closed my last blog post related to Jeff Perry, Mayor Pro Tem Aubrey, TX, I indicated that he dishes things out, but can't take them. I also stated that I have done nothing to Jeff that he has not done to others, in reality he has actually done much worse to others. Jeff has made a desperate plea on social media complaining about me contacting his boss, and accused me of trying to get him fired. This has caused some to show Jeff sympathy on this issue.

As I explained in the previous posting, I have evidence to show that Jeff was storing information about me on his work computer. I am not trying to get Jeff fired, me contacting his employer is because he is a public official using his work computer to store items pertaining to me. I have every legal right to this information. As a public official, if Jeff is willing to jeopardize his employer by doing things related to his position on Aubrey City Council, that's on Jeff. Therefore, I have every right to ask for this information from Jeff's employer. If this impacts Jeff's career, that's Jeff doing, not mine. 

Jeff on the other hand has a history of going to the employers of political adversaries or others that have information that may negatively impact his political standing in the community and has truly tried to get others fired from their jobs. I was reminded of this after the last blog post. While Jeff has accused me of trying to get him fired, he has actually demanded the firing of those who opposed him.

During the last election, which admittedly was a messy one, Jeff went to the employer of his opponent and demanded that she be fired. His opponent disclosed this intimidation in a letter to the editor in the local paper during the election. Jeff's opponent was a cashier at the local grocery store and apparently mentioned to people that she was running for council. Therefore, Jeff and or some of his political henchman went to the manager of the store and demanded she be fired. I also have reason to believe that Jeff has threatened a local newspaper that was considering running an article that would put a negative light on him. 

In summary, the reason that I requested the information from his work computer has everything to do with his position on Aubrey City Council, and nothing to do with me trying to get him fired. And contrary to Jeff's believes, this is nothing personal. I informed his boss of what he was doing and, and asked for documents that pertained to me. Jeff on the other hand openly demanded at least one person be fired for opposing him, and possibly another. So it is pretty disappointing that Jeff would dramatize for sympathy my contacting his employer for information that I have a legal right to. Perhaps he should look in the mirror to figure out why this is happening. 

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  1. Thanks for exposing these thugs.