Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Real Jeff Perry, Mayor Pro Tem, Aubrey, TX

When I first met Jeff Perry, he initially seemed like someone who you could trust with your deepest secrets. He touts his faith and his military service, and seems sincere with everything he says and does. His public image is extremely high, and you'd have no reason to believe anything different than what you see on the surface. There are very few people that I have met that I trust initially, frankly I'm just not that trustworthy. However, with Jeff, I trusted him right away.

I endorsed Jeff a couple of years ago when he ran for reelection to Aubrey city council. He also endorsed me, when I decided to run for office again. I had him and his family to my home a couple of times, our children played well together. He seemed to have a respectable career working as a juvenile probation officer.  Jeff also appeared to be closely aligned politically with me also, and our values seem to be similar. However, things are not always as they appear.

I won the election and serving with Jeff was a joy for the first few months. However, I noticed that there was not much discussion on key issues and everyone seemed to have their minds made up when they showed up for the meetings. Jeff seemed to basically support whatever was submitted by staff and the administration. He did not vote “no” on anything for the first six months and only voted “no” on one occasion in the first year of my term. To say the least, his voting record during this timeframe was very disappointing. He voted completely opposite of what I had expected on several occasions.  It also appeared that he was not prepared on any of the subjects that we were discussed.

During this most recent election, there were several things that came to light about Jeff that were extremely disappointing. It was clear at this point that Jeff was not who his public image said he was. When some of these items came up, his response to them were even more disappointing. He made some horrible mistakes in his past, and he has never admitted to or owned his mistakes.

One of the things that came to light was a domestic violence conviction from almost 20 years ago. Jeff physically assaulted his now ex-wife; they were still married at the time of the assault. He felt like he addressed this in a letter to the editor of the local paper and local news blog. However he never fully accepted responsibility for his actions or owned this mistake. He first blamed his ex-wife for lying about the incident, and the blamed his lawyer for giving him bad advice to accept a plea bargain. This would be fine if it were true, however, it is not.  You don’t plea out if you’re not guilty. 

A copy of the actual police report tells a much different story than Jeff did. This story told a sociopath, who was one move away from a much more serious crime. The police report states that Jeff's ex-wife tried to remove herself from a very dangerous situation. However, Jeff would have none of that, so he let the air out of her car tires, so she could not get away.  After he blocked her attempted escape, she tried to leave on foot. However, Jeff would have none of that either. He tried to block her escape again, and when she tried to go around him, the 250 lb Marine picked her up and threw her to the ground. The reporting officer stated that there were visible bruises from this assault.
Unfortunately, the abuse didn't stop there. After tossing her to the ground like a rag doll, she managed to get up and again attempted to leave. However, again Jeff would have no part of that, so the 250 lb man punched her in the jaw. Again this left a visible bruise on her jaw according to the reporting officer. One item that was not brought up was what Jeff was guilty of by forcing his ex-wife to not leave, he committed false imprisonment, which most certainly would have been charged today.

You can see a copy of the police report here:

This is not the story of a woman, who was trying to frame her husband of abuse. If that were the case, she would have had to flatten her own car tires, inflict enough force to leave bruises on her back and legs, and then manage to punch herself in the jaw hard enough to leave bruises. The fact of the matter is that Jeff agreed to a plea bargain, because he knows he would have lost in court, and likely ended up doing time in Denton County Jail. He also no doubt knew that if he went to county for domestic violence, someone would have done to him what he did to his wife. In actuality he was probably kissing his lawyer for getting him a deal that did not involve jail time.

If there is any truth to the manner in which Jeff was confronted about this by someone coming to his home, I absolutely do not support this. If someone is brave enough to knock on my door to confront me about something, they likely won't appreciate my response, but that's just me. However, Jeff's response to this confrontation was to immediately become the “victim” in this matter. He whined and cried and made this desperate plea on social media and in the local paper, he never stood up and faced this like a man. Not once did he accept responsibility for his actions, not once did he admit that he did anything wrong.  This isn't the actions of a Marine or a man of integrity, but rather that of a coward. This is not the action of someone who's remorseful of his actions, he’s remorseful that the story is out, not for what he did. Some may argue that this happened 20 years ago and people can change. However, I recently heard how he has treated people when he thinks no one is looking. That tiger hasn't changed his stripes.  Don’t forget the real victim in this was not the 250 lbs Marine, but his ex-wife who Jeff violently assaulted.

I know you might be wondering how Jeff could hold a job as a juvenile probation officer with a record like this. I have the same question. How can someone like this be responsible to oversee children when he has a violent past? How does someone who can never legally own a firearm testify in court when the outcome of his testimony could affect a child's life forever? How can someone who has made a train-wreck of their life, give advice to others or have power over anyone? I guess he does have experience with probation since that was part of his plea bargain.

If the domestic violence was not enough to turn your stomach at the sight of Jeff. He also has a problem paying his bills. On several occasions bill collectors have had to chase him down. He also brought this up in his letter to the editor. However, much like the domestic violence, he downplayed the issue. The documents show that he failed to pay his bills on several occasions. This happened much more recently than the domestic violence.

Recently Jeff has apparently followed the lead of another member of Aubrey City Council by referring to the Aubrey citizens that live in apartments as “shit people”.  Yes, you read that right, a sitting Aubrey City Councilman refers to the same Aubrey citizens he’s supposed to represent as “shit people”.  Yes, you read that right, someone with a domestic violence conviction, who has problems paying their bills is referring to others as “shit people”.  Yes, a man who hit a woman, is referring to others as “shit people”.  Yes, someone who cannot legally purchase a firearm, is calling others “shit people”.  Frankly, with Jeff’s violent past and credit history, he probably couldn’t pass the background and credit check to live in some of the apartments here in Aubrey, and yet he refers to “them” as “shit people”.  Perhaps Jeff should look in the mirror. 

Unfortunately, even with the above stated information, Jeff may have still won reelection. Our society loves to give second chances to those who don't deserve it. However, when selecting someone who will be creating laws that you have to live by, shouldn't we expect more than this? What do we expect when we knowingly vote for people like Jeff?  He is over 50 years old, and we somehow think he's going to wake up one morning and be able to make sound judgment decisions? How many times must we debunk this theory before we wake up?

He's a crook, but he's our crook. This seems to be how we look at our elected officials. We hate the system as a whole, but seem to defend “our” elected officials. If we started listening to the warning signs, and took action, we might be better off. If someone seems unfit to run their own lives, maybe we shouldn't let them run or influence ours.

Perhaps another perspective will help emphasize the problem. Would you want your daughter to date Jeff? If your daughter brought a man home that had inflicted this horrific abuse as outlined in Jeff's police report, would you feel comfortable leaving him alone with your daughter? Is this the man that you'd want your daughter to marry? If you would have concerns about your daughter dating somebody with a domestic violence conviction, why would you consider letting him represent you or influence your life? If the man doesn't have the integrity to admit his mistakes and come clean, why would you think he has enough integrity to hold an elected office?

After knowing that Jeff willingly doesn't pay his bills, would you let him be your financial adviser? Bill collectors have had to chase him down on numerous occasions, so this is not an oversight. Jeff knowingly and willfully made a decision to not pay his bills. With this knowledge would you trust him to make decisions with your tax dollars? If you're not sure you'd trust him with your finances, why would you trust him with the city's?

It is human to make errors, and I have made plenty of them myself.  However, when you make mistakes, you should accept responsibility for them and learn from them.  However, it is apparent that Jeff is never going to accept responsibility for his actions.  So what does all of this mean? Does this somehow exclude him from serving in public office? Unfortunately, it doesn't. However, all of these things do clearly indicate that Jeff has a history of making poor decisions. This reads more like the story of an 18 year old punk not a 50+ year old man. So the poor decision making is not going to change. Again, that tiger isn't going to change his stripes. 


  1. Calvin, do the right thing and delete this post and then post an apology. Jeff's kids can then mention the apology when other kids mention this post.

    -That police report mentions that the assault was the first. Evidently, it was the first AND LAST.
    -That police report states what the ex-wife said; not that the officer witnessed it.

    Can you prove that another assault has happened or will ever happen again?
    You said it yourself “Jeff agreed to a plea bargain” … Assault or not, how many times does he have to pay for this?
    What do you hope to gain from this?
    Why do Jeff's wife & kids have to suffer?

    Lyndon Meyers
    Aubrey, Texas

    1. Lyndon, thanks for taking the time to comment on this. As I suggest in the article, we should not be treating Jeff as the “victim” in this matter. Poor little Jeffy was a big boy when this happened, not a kid. Although you could argue that he currently acts like a 50 old adolescent. The real victim is his ex-wife who is now apparently deceased and unable to defend herself.

      Jeff was given a golden opportunity to come clean on this matter, during the election. With all of his whining and crying “poor me” on social media, I even felt sorry for him. He could have come out and actually admitted what he did, took full responsibility and brought up that he’s a changed man now, but that’s not what he did. He played our pity, and then lied to the people of Aubrey. He blamed the victim for the incident as most thugs do. If Jeff had come clean on this when he had the chance, this would be old news, but chose to be a liar. Someone once told me that you can’t fix a liar.

      Here is a link to Jeff’s idea of “coming clean”-

      You can see that there is no remorse from Jeff in this article, and after reading the police report, you can see he’s a liar. It’s also important to point that the man who comes to his defense on this article and proudly gives Jeff his unconditional support is unable to vote because he’s a registered sex offender, but that’s not the point of this discussion.

      While the mugshot and police report are disturbing, referring to people who he’s supposed to represent as “shitpeople”, is almost as disturbing, and that happened a couple of weeks ago. I personally never raised my hand against a women, and I even pay my bills. But in serving over 7 years in an elected position, I have never referred to any of the people that I represent as “shitpeople”, or anything similar. I have had some challenging citizens, but if I have something negative to say about them, I will say it to their face or a least in public. However, our hero “the victim” Jeff asked if the recorder was turned off before he referred to Aubrey citizens as “shitpeople”, which is both cowardly and chickenshit.

      So unfortunately for you, I’m unable to grant your request to pull this article. However, if there is a statement of fact that you have evidence is false I will gladly remove it. I can certainly understand your concern in this matter, everyone knows that you funded Jeff’s last campaign and I expect you are hoping to get a little more return on your investment.

    2. It's important to point out that although there has been a couple of hundred hits on this article from the Aubrey area, you're the only one that is coming to Jeff's defense. Prior to publishing this, I asked some people in the community about this, and was surprised when most of the people I discussed this with encouraged me to publish it. These are people who you'd think would not support the publishing of this.

    3. It's also important to point out that nobody has said anything about Jeff's family. You'll notice the first and last things I said was to protect them. THEY are the innocent one's in all this.

      Since you mentioned the word "cowardly"; let's also point out that all of these comments are anonymous.

      I don't know anything about the "shitpeople" comment; but I do think most people, at some time in their life, has had monetary problems; paying bills late, etc. (not sure why this was brought up).

      It sure would be nice if everyone would work "together"; resolve differences, agree to disagree, etc.. I think you'd be surprised how much each of you have in common.

      On another note, regarding "debt"...
      I believe it was in the Pilot Point newspaper where you stated that you didn't agree to go into $5M+ debt to increase Aubrey's WATER capability, “without first fixing Aubrey's existing sewage problem”?? What does one have to do with the other? That never made any sense to me:
      1. Many councils before you has planned on Aubrey's future WATER needs. Everyone knew this was coming. Aubrey is down to less than 200 new homes capability; due to WATER. It seems like your view states that Aubrey land owners do not have the right to build new houses, because we have to fix the existing sewage problem. Am I missing something?
      2. This year, most council members found out about the sewage problem.
      This sewage problem NEEDS to be fixed. I can't imagine a single citizen of Aubrey that would not go into debt to fix the sewage problem. I believe the city is working on fixing this; it just can’t be done over-night.

      While I don't agree on getting into debt for non-essential things, I think debt is needed for WATER and/or SEWER. WATER will be even more scarce in the future! I bet Krugerville and Crossroads would love to have Aubrey's water & sewer problems.


      Lyndon Meyers
      Aubrey, Texas

    4. Lyndon,

      I have said nothing negative about Jeff’s family, I actually think he has really nice, respectful and well behaved children. He should probably tell them the truth instead of lying to them and laying blame for this on others. There’s a good life lesson to be learned here. If he’d told the truth when he had the golden opportunity, we wouldn’t be talking about this now. However, he chose to lie to people he’s supposed to represent, and has probably been lying to his family all these years. I learned early in life to take my lumps and move on because a lie always catches up with you. I am not doing anything to Jeff’s family.

      In regards to the comments, I would also prefer to have people publish their names, but I understand that some do not wish to do that. Technically, your comment was also under anonymous. Although, you signed your name in the comment, you didn’t actually sign in and use your real name. I have seen emails from you, so I know you have a gmail account. For all I know this could be someone else writing these comments, signing your name. It could be Jeff or Janet, or maybe even me. Maybe, I’m having a debate with myself. I don’t doubt that it’s you, or someone in your family, but it is still anonymous.

      My position on debt and the water system really have nothing to do with this post. However, it’s not unlike you try and deflect attention from the real issue. I have written multiple posts on this blog, letters to the editor, and even sent letter to citizens on this subject. The matter with doubling the city’s debt has been resolved, so we’ll have to wait for history to tell us who was right. However, that has obsoletely nothing to do with this blog post.

      However, please do tell about the people in Krugerville and Crossroads who want to pay at least 30% more property taxes, Crossroads currently pays zero property tax, Krugerville is 30% below us, and an additional 30% on their current water bill, Mustang is 28% below Aubrey’s water rates. So I’m doubtful you’d find too any people that want to sign up for that. Currently, both of those cities are turning a lot of dirt and Aubrey is idle in the biggest boom to every hit this area.

      Your wife is well aware of the “shitpeople” comments whether she admits or not. As bold as some of these people are, and as much as they curse during meetings, it’s probably on one of the recordings. Either way it’s not right to refer to people represent in that manner.
      Everyone makes mistakes, and I’ve made my share. I try to learn from my mistakes and not continue making them. In regards to Jeff’s “credit issues”, this happened several times over several years, this is what you’d call a pattern, not a mistake.

  2. All this time, I just thought Perry was idiot, had no idea.

  3. I thought Jeff was a Marine? This does not sound like the actions of a Marine.

    1. He was probably a cook.

    2. I have several close friends who are Marines, and they do support the things that Jeff has done. I think that some of us that serve in the military learn from our service and try to live a life with integrity. However, there are a select few that do not. I doubt any of Jeff's Marine buddies have any idea what kind of person he really is.

  4. Jeff does seem to make a lot of poor decisions on council.

  5. I am appalled that someone who was elected to represent people would call them shit people. That's messed up.

  6. What disturbs me most is that the Aubrey council members do not appear to read or understand what they are voting on. They come to council meeting unprepared and some of them, like Jeff Perry attempt to text all through the meeting; even while the speakers are addressing the council about important subjects. If you do not want to read in advance, do not want to listen to the persons being affected, then just stay home and play Pokemon. I wonder if they are texting each other or who ever it is that is giving them instruction how to vote.

    For the taxpayers sake, the council members need to take this City business seriously. They can be sued personally for the failure to act as responsible Council Members.

    We need independent thinkers to be our representatives, not copy-cats who are too busy to do the job they were elected to do.

  7. I can say I once supported Jeff Perry. But in the past few years, learning a lot about his character. I did not support him in the May election, and will not support him again. Folks like this do not represent Aubrey. They represent their own self interest. That is not what we elect these folks for.

    -For supporter of Jeff Perry for Aubrey City Council

    1. I have also voted for Perry in the past, but that is last time I vote for him. What a thug.

  8. Come on Tillman, just about everyone in politics has something to hide. Although this is pretty bad.