Saturday, July 16, 2016

Our Aubrey, One Aubrey

When leaving DISH, we put significant amount of research into which area we moved to.  First and foremost, we wanted to get off of the Barnett Shale, which we did.  However, there were several other factors that played into this decision.  Our children had played sports many times in the small town of Aubrey, TX, which is referred to as “Horse Country”, due to several large horse ranches in the area.  It’s also a very interesting community, due to the world horse market, you may bump into someone from Australia or Brazil at the local cafĂ©.  Therefore, this is where we chose to move when leaving DISH.

Our home unexpectedly sold in DISH after being on the market for several months, so we had to find a home quickly.  We found the perfect home, but unfortunately it was in foreclosure and could not close quickly.  Therefore, we were living in a hotel for a while.  When we did finally move in, I stopped by city hall to get water, trash, etc. turned on, and was extremely impressed with how I was treated by the Aubrey City Staff.  They were kind, caring, considerate and very sympathetic of our situation.  The public works department went to my new home immediately to turn the water on.  That was service with a smile.  Shortly after moving in, I required a medical procedure and it required me to be in Fort Worth extremely early in the morning.  My wife contacted the school and one of my son’s teachers volunteered to come in early and watch both of our sons.  We did not know this teacher, I had never met her, and my wife had only spoken with her a couple of times.  She refused to take any compensation for helping us.  This community has been extremely accepting of my family; we made the right choice in moving here.

Since moving here, we have met many wonderful people and overall the people of Aubrey have been very friendly.  After spending five years here, this area is clearly where we would like to raise our children.  The love for this community is what led me to want to serve the people of Aubrey, which is why I chose to run for Aubrey City Council.  However, there are some here in Aubrey who refer to the “newer” people in the community as “outsiders”.  However, there seems to be a moving bar as to what designates someone as an “outsider”.  If you don’t have your own opinion, or ideas on how to improve the community, you probably won’t ever be referred to as an outsider.  However, any suggestions to improve the community and it doesn’t really matter your tenure, you’re an “outsider”.

This came to a head at a recent city council meeting, where there were several insults being thrown around at the “outsiders” over some misinformation.  It disappointed me how even the community leaders were supportive of this abusive activity.  I hope that we do not forget that this is not “My Aubrey”, and this is not “Your Aubrey”, this is “Our Aubrey”, and it’s time we start acting like it.  There is no such thing as an “outsider”, we all pay taxes, we’re all neighbors, and we’re all in this together.  This community is growing at a rapid pace, and if we look at every new citizen as an “outsider”, we’ll always be a fractured community, and pretty soon the “outsiders” will be the majority. 

This scenario, plays out in many areas of this nation, and I hope that people never feel like they should apologize for wanting to improve their community.  I hope that people will continue to get involved, and not be afraid to challenge the status quo, even if that means being an “outsider”.  Nothing great ever happens with going along to get along.  Nothing great ever happens without the courage to take a stand.    

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