Saturday, June 4, 2016

What About Campaign Promises?

We're just coming out of election season, and I'm always amazed at the number of campaign flyers we get in the mail or dropped off on the doorsteps this time of year. We just went through the primary as well as our local city council and school board elections. If you read the campaign flyers, they all read about the same. They use the exact same slogans and buzzwords, honesty (yea right), fiscally responsible (sure thing), government transparency (never), etc.   I personally would rather lose an election and be true to myself, than to win as a fraud. 

Here in Texas most claim to be a conservative republican, and in other parts of the country they're liberal democrats. It's all about the same whatever part of the country you're in. Unfortunately, most of the time these slogans appear to be buzzwords only.  Most of the candidates probably don't even know the definition of these buzzwords and have no idea of what it means to be who they claim to be. They make their promises, and after they're elected, they completed forget what they've promised to do, or what they said they stand for.

Another disappointing part of this, is the apathy we have in our society around issues like this. The people vote for someone because of what they’re supposed to stand for or believe, and then do not pay enough attention to determine whether or not they actually did what they said they would do or not. Unfortunately, we trust our candidates to do what they say they're going to do, when they've given us no reason to trust them. I think that a large portion of our society, have completely given up, and don't even bother to vote anymore. They realize that they're being lied to and manipulated so they just ignore politicians and politics all together.

Does campaign promises matter? Do we really vote for someone based on what we think they are or aren't? If we really cared about campaign promises then we should hold them accountable for their commitments to we the people.  Of course that would mean we’d have to take time out of our schedules to pay attention to what they’re doing.  However, we foolishly trust that these candidates will do what they said they’d do. We should have learned by now, that for the most part these candidates do not follow their campaign promises. The ones that attempt to do what they said they would, will probably get voted out of office, because they’ve upset the apple cart of the establishment.  Therefore, they go along to get along, and please don’t foolishly think the "establishment" is only in Washington D.C., you can easily find the "establishment" in your state or local government.  These levels do plenty of back scratching as well. 

For too long, we’ve not paid attention to what our officials are doing.  We’ve trusted they were working on behalf of us, and the reality is that most of them are not.  I know that who is winning dancing with the stars or survivor is important.  However, I challenge you to take an hour a week and get involved in what’s going on.  You can sign up for email alerts for how you congressman votes, and your local and state governments probably have similar options.  Worst case, you can read the minutes from your city council meetings and at least know what a candidate votes for or against. If something interests you, then more research can be done, so that you can understand the issues much better.  Whatever you do, I urge you to not just take someone’s word for it, do your own research, and make your own decisions, and then of course vote for the ones who do what they said they would.  If we hold them accountable for their commitments, you might find that these politicians will start keeping those campaign promises, cause they're obviously not going to do it on their own.  

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  1. Most politicians are nothing more than paid liars.