Sunday, June 26, 2016

If the shoe fits

It is rare that I make a public speaking appearance these days.  In the past, I would travel one weekend or so a month and do a speaking event, usually in some other part of country or even the world.  However, nowadays I try and spend more time at home close to my family.  I still do an occasional event from time to time, depending on the situation.  Recently I traveled to Idaho for a few days for a speaking event.  Typically, with events like this, I spend a couple of days and visit with elected officials, have a public event or two, and do what I can to help the community that I’m speaking in.  I will call this a hobby, as I have never been compensated in any way for this. 

During this trip latest trip to Idaho, I met with several officials; some at the local level and some at the county commissioner level.  I met a mayor of one the small towns, who I immediately liked and he seemed very intelligent and really working on behalf of his citizens.  I also met some county commissioners, who asked a lot of questions and were very engaged trying to make the best decisions for the people they represent.  However, I also met some county commissioners from Payette County, Idaho.  These were more of what I’ve come to expect from elected officials, lots of ignorance and arrogance.  Their minds were made up before I got there and they weren’t going to get confused with facts.

On my flight back to Texas, I wrote an article that was inspired by the county commissioners in Payette County, Idaho.  However, I did not publish this until a couple of months later.  I typically do not share which official is the inspiration for the article as it may apply to many public officials.  Therefore, I do not want to single any one official out.  However, comments were made that would make me believe that a local official here in Texas thought that they were the motivation for this article. 

When I write an article, it is intended to be apply broadly unless stated otherwise, as I have interacted enough with public officials to know that more often than not, they are not “serving” the public, but rather have their own agendas and motivations.  Typically, these motivations involve money, power or both.  They always attempt to make whatever bad idea they’re pushing, to appear to be for the greater good.  However, these items typically only benefit a few, including the officials. 

The guilty conscience seems to kick in when some read my thoughts on many politicians.  This guilt of course comes from the fact that whatever I am saying, applies to them in one way or another.  Whatever I am criticizing public officials for, also applies to them.  The unfortunate part of this is that the ignorance, arrogance, and corruption applies to far too many public officials.  There are far too many that personally benefit from their position in one way or the other, and are in no way “serving” the public. 


It’s also entertaining that someone would be offended over something that they weren’t even a thought for.  First and foremost, it’s pretty arrogant to think that you’re the center of everyone’s universe.  Secondly, you probably have to work pretty hard to become inspiration for an article.  I’ve found that many officials are thin skinned and paranoid, while others may just have that guilty conscience.  In those instances when what I write may be applicable to many or most officials, may I suggest, if the shoe fits, wear it.       

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