Friday, March 11, 2016

The Aubrey, TX, Water/Wastewater Woes-

For the past several months the Aubrey City Council has been discussing a possible solution to its lack of water capacity.  This discussion has centered on water needed for future growth for the city of Aubrey.  The only proposal that was seriously considered by council was initiating a 5.5 million dollar bond package for new infrastructure, to increase capacity of the Aubrey water system. 

While I argued that there may be other solutions available, it was clear that other solutions were not seriously considered by the mayor, council, or city staff.  My main concern was that we are going to double the city debt, without looking at all options.  Unfortunately, my concerns were validated on February 16, 2016, when the majority of the Aubrey City Council voted to approve the 5.5 million dollar bond package. 

Another thing happened at the February 16, 2016 council meeting.  A longtime resident of Aubrey spoke about some of his issues with our current sewer system.  For 32 years this man has lived Aubrey and paid taxes to this city, and for 32 years during periods of heavy rainfall, this man has had raw sewage running through his yard from the failing Aubrey sewer system.  Yes, I said that correctly, raw sewage.  This is something that we had not discussed to this point. 

For 32 years this man has been told that Aubrey could not afford to repair the sewer infrastructure near his home that was causing this problem, yet now we’re going to spend 5.5 million on new water infrastructure, without addressing the existing sewer problems.  Unfortunately, I have served on this council for less than a year and have not been made aware of issues such as this.  However, other council members and city staff were well aware of this issue, and yet have made no provisions or proposals to fix the many problems that currently exist with our water/wastewater system. 

I called this long time resident and apologized from the bottom of my heart for this blatant failure of government.  However, I am still disappointed in my fellow members of Aubrey City Council for voting to support a 5.5 million dollar expenditure for new infrastructure when we can’t afford to take care of what we have.  I’m embarrassed to serve on a city council that cares so little about the people who have built this community.  If the members of the Aubrey city council do not understand why we should not spend a nickel for new infrastructure until the existing system meets minimum standards, they are unfit for public service and should resign their positions immediately. 


  1. Go, Calvin! No one trusts them. Everyone trusts you.

  2. Lots of other people have been having the same problem with sewer for many, many years. The blue green stacks sticking up like towers in the yards of people, that is how the City fixes the problem. Just make it a little taller and maybe that will fix it it. Just band-aids. Well it makes it real easy to see which houses are sewer victims.